Exciting News!

Mr. Happy = XYVGGR

Mr. Happy is now new and improved, and is available through our professional brand at XY Wellness

This v2 version promises more of the same notable sexual health benefits as v1 with an emphasis on “more." The new bottle increases the capsule count to 120. This means that your recommended dosage is now up to 4 capsules per day taken away from food.

Recommended Use

Since Mr. Happy is a daily supplement, its benefits build over time. You should expect to start noticing these benefits during your second week.


During your initial 15-day Loading Period, take 2 capsules, twice per day.


Thereafter, you can switch to the Regular Dosage of 2 capsules per day, meaning that at Regular Dosage each bottle contains a full month's supply.

Get more Rooster back into your life! Act now; be Mr. Happy.*