Fitness is a Choice, Choose Well

The benefits of exercise cannot be overstated and are far reaching. This is why improving your fitness level is a key to anti-aging for men, and to reclaiming your health and quality of life.

As encouragement, I want to quickly share with you a recent experience. Several months ago, I made and lost a friendly wager with my 11 year old that resulted in us buying and doing the Insanity Workout program together. 

The program is aptly named. Actually, the name is a bit of an understatement. It is beautifully designed and produced. It is a remarkable challenge and experience, and an accomplishment to complete it. Some quick comments:

  • Did you know that underneath your “love handles” are something called oblique muscles? I am not kidding. 
  • Did you know that when burning calories, your abdominal muscles become ice cold to the touch? I now have a new definition of what is a cold 6-pack. 
  • Did you know that daily exercise not only builds your fitness level, but discourages habits that are at odds with optimal health? 

As I progressed through the 2-month program, I noticed my craving for things like caffeine, chocolate, and red wine went away. My already-sound diet improved even more. My stress levels were reduced. And my quality of sleep improved. In other words, choices that we make ripple across every aspect of our overall health and well being.

Am I recommending that you do the Insanity Workout? As brilliant as it is, and as grateful as I am to the fine company behind it: it depends. I love it and will continue with it, but if you are over 40 and out of shape, perhaps you should view this particular program as something that you will want to build towards as a goal. And it is a great goal to pursue.

What I am recommending and encouraging you to do is to take your current fitness level up a notch or two. If you are sedentary, then start with a 30-minute walk 6 days a week. If you are fairly fit for your age, but know that you have plenty of room for improvement, then shake things up and get after it.

Find something or a combination of things that you enjoy, and do it 6 days a week. Seek balance between cardiovascular and resistance training, perhaps alternating daily between the two. Join a gym. Hire a trainer. Buy a bike. Order a home fitness program. Just do something. And do it now. No excuses.

Make fitness a habit. Like all new habits, good or bad, daily repetition leads to a craving that needs to be fed daily. Why not make exercise that new habit? Fitness is a lifestyle choice, and is an effective anti-aging strategy for men and women.

It is also a far better solution to your “mid-life crisis” than any combination of sports cars, gold chains, and co-eds. And I suspect that your spouse or significant other will heartily agree. Go ahead and ask if you are not sure.

Get more rooster back into your daily life. Every day presents us with an opportunity to improve our health and quality of life. Let's take full advantage of it. Like I am, you will be glad that you did. 

Be happy, my friend.

All the Best,



* There is no financial relationship between XY Wellness and Beachbody. Mr. Guinther is simply a satisfied customer.
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