Mr. Happy Sightings Vol. 1

Mr. Happy is popping up everywhere!

Thank you for sharing sharing the wealth. Here is just a sample of photos that we have recently received, with plenty more to follow.

Our friend, Luis, enjoying life in Havana: 

Our friends, Jessica & Tyreek, having a great time in Tanzania:

Our friend, Brandon, riding the NYC Subway:

Our friend, Peg, owning the weight room in Madison:

And Dr. Happy himself strolling through Times Square:

Why not send us your photos sporting your Mr. Happy attire?

And, yes, we award style points for more unique backdrops.

We're thinking Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney Opera House, the Hollywood sign, the Great Wall of China, and of course, the Mitchell Corn Palace.

Surprise us. And never forget that Mr. Happy is an attitude, a lifestyle, a pursuit of all that life has to offer, and a certain good-natured, fun-loving swagger along the way.

Join us, won't you? You will be happy that you did.

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