3 Simple Dietary Changes will Reduce Inflammation

As we do each year at this time, our parent company, XY Wellness is challenging men to join us in a March Against Inflammation.

Chronic inflammation poses a material risk to your health and your ability to combat disease. You can reduce your exposure to inflammatory agents by simply making smarter dietary and lifestyle choices.

To demonstrate how dietary choices either boost or tax your body, the challenge is simple: during the month of March, avoid three well-known dietary sources of inflammation, and see how you feel.

What are the three? They are sugar, dairy and gluten.

Think you cannot do it? Hey, it’s only for a month! We know you can handle it, it is not as difficult as you might think, and we will guide you through it.

To support your efforts, throughout the month XY Wellness will provide you with actionable information on alternative dietary choices for the sugar, dairy and gluten that you are now avoiding thanks to your renewed lifestyle. We will also provide detailed information about inflammation, why it is so critical to control it, and tips for additional lifestyle choices you can consider to keep inflammation at bay.

Please join us in this life-changing campaign that supports XY Wellness’ ultimate mission: to help men improve their health and quality of life. The XY Wellness Challenge: March Against Inflammation will benefit all participants (and their loved ones), and is guaranteed to be a surprisingly good time along the way.

Make the commitment today!
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