Mr. Happy Sightings Vol. 2

Mr. Happy is popping up everywhere, not just nationwide, but worldwide. Thank you for sharing the wealth.

Here is another sample of photos that we have recently received from Roosters who are pursuing and enjoying all that life has to offer. Better with Age are words to live by. 

Here are greetings from our friend Dave and his colleagues at NYC MTA:

Thank you to Mr. Guerrero in balmy Santo Domingo:

Thank you to our good friend Mary Rose in Brooklyn:

Here is our own Dr. Geo visting Nashville for a conference:

Here are our good friends Jessica and Marc (hereby granted the title of a Mr. & Mrs. Happy):

And here is our good friend Brian in not balmy Milwaukee:

Why not send us your photos sporting your Mr. Happy attire? And, yes, we will award style points for unique backdrops such as the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the Hollywood sign, the Great Wall of China, and our current top priority: the Mitchell Corn Palace.

Surprise us!

And never forget that Mr. Happy is an approach to pursuing and enjoying all that life has to offer. We call this good-natured, fun-loving swagger Rooster. You deserve it, and now with Mr. Happy, there is no reason to even consider settling for anything less.

Join us, won't you? You will be happy that you did.


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