The Mr. Happy Way of Life

Mr. Happy is a perspective on living that entails embracing all that life as a man has to offer us, and a confidence that our best days are ahead of us. Too many of us men settle in to middle age, and then wonder what happened to that sense of fun and adventure that they recall from earlier days. 

Your potential for creating your greatest future memories has not changed, but perhaps your good natured swagger has lost its hop. Some of this is physiological as we age, but much of it is attitudinal and psychological. And all of this is fixable if you are willing to act and make the necessary changes.

Diet, exercise, stress management, sleep improvement, and the boost from the nutrients that comprise the Mr. Happy formula all work together to give you an unfair advantage relative to other men your age. This combination gives you the ability to "turn back the clock" and embrace the potential for fun and adventure that surrounds you each day.

To tap into this potential, you need to act. To quote Reggie Jackson, you need to be "the straw that stirs the drink." You need to become the event, not an observer waiting for it to start. You need to stop looking through the rear view mirror and instead focus on the open road ahead of you. You need to be what we refer to as a Mr. Happy.

For example, if you want more fun, how about being more fun? If you want better friendships, how about being a better friend? If you want more energy and vitality, how about making better lifestyle choices? If you want a better sex life, how about being someone that someone else might actually want to sleep with? And so on.

Mr. Happy will help you to reclaim and brighten your future. All you need to decide is if you are worth the investment to make it happen. Of course you are, or you would not be here, right now, reading this well intended "wake up call." All you need to do is act

The gentleman below? This is who we should all aspire to be sometime down the road! He is having a great time, and it shows. He is a true Mr. Happy hero! A Rooster in his own right.

How about you? You can do this...

All the Best, 

David (not shown here, but give me a few decades)

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