Mr. Happy Conquers the 2014 NYC Spartan Race

A fully-engaged life as a man never lacks challenge or entertainment value. For example, on Saturday in NYC, Mr. Happy sponsored a team of "weekend warriors" for the 2014 Spartan Race.

We are pleased to report that our Spartans enjoyed a much better outcome than their counterparts at Thermopylae. Congratulations to Austin, Brandon, Gary, and Geo. Well done!

Nice and relaxed before heading over to the race.

Sometimes just crossing the Starting Line is a victory in and of itself. Awesomeness to follow. 


Mid-race, some serious Rooster action is taking place.

This extra load to carry reminds us that this race is well-named.


Hours, obstacles, and miles later, our conquering warriors are momentarily too tired to smile.

Everybody loves a winner!

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