Big Pharma Gone Wild?

First of all, Mr. Happy is a daily supplement designed to support male sexual health. It is certainly not a drug as would be products like Viagra or Cialis that are approved by the FDA to treat a diagnosed condition such as erectile dysfunction. 

Nope. Mr. Happy is not that but is an entirely different approach to naturally boosting nitric oxide levels in your body and by doing so encourage some notable, enjoyable benefits.

None of us expect Big Pharma to be driven solely by altruistic motives, but nonetheless sometimes it is stunning to see profit motive being the driver to such a degree. 

The stories regarding EpiPen pricing caught all of our attention a few months ago, as did some research we did on what is happening within the PED-5 Inhibitor class of drugs now that Viagra has gone off of patent protection and Cialis is about to do the same. Compounding matters is that health insurance is normally no longer covering this class of drugs. 

Based on pricing at Walgreens in Madison, a 30-day prescription for Cialis 5mg "daily use" that is not covered by insurance $405, which is $13.50 per day and $4,860 per year. In addition, a 10-tablet prescription for Viagra 15mg is $615, or $61.50 per use.

Apparently those ubiquitous TV ads cost a lot to put on.

Once again, we do not want anyone to confuse even for a moment the natural, daily supplement that is Mr. Happy with a class of drugs known as PDE-5 Inhibitors. These are very different approaches to supporting male sexual health, including that Mr. Happy does not involve the type of noteworthy side effects mentioned in those TV ads. 

What is important is that you act to improve the quality of your life, and ensure that your best days are ahead of you. As Mr. Happy customers will enthusiastically (if discreetly) attest to, at under $2 per day, there is plenty to be happy about.  

As always, thank you for choosing Mr. Happy.

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